KK Waterfront
Kota Kinabalu has the enviable fortune of being located on the edge of the South China Sea with spectacular views of emerald islands just off its coast and forest covered hills reaching up towards the highest mountain in South East Asia, Mt. Kinabalu.

Taking advantage of these features is The Waterfront, the city’s premier entertainment and dining centre. Locals and tourists alike have come to regard The Waterfront as the place to be for a casual fun night out with restaurants and cafes serving a wide range of local and international cuisine. Pubs, karaoke bars and a dance club with lively music set the mood for a memorable evening in the city.

Within walking distance are the Le Meridien, Promenade and Hyatt Kinabalu hotels as well as a number of budget accommodation. Shopping centres from air-conditioned malls to open-air markets selling anything and everything under the sun are also close by...

The Waterfront is accessible by bus, taxi or if you’re staying at any of the resorts within or outside the city, by shuttle bus. If you miss your shuttle back, taxi service is available 24-hours a day. There is ample parking space within and adjacent to the waterfront.